Hello, recently I have been considering getting a second body to use with slide film - mainly macro but also the occasional landscape etc - because I find my N90s is almost always loaded with BW film.

I have used an FE-2 and FG among the MF bodies and to my surprise found the FE-2 with an E screen more difficult to focus than the N90s. I just LOVE the N90s viewfinder, but I have heard that the F3 is still unmatched on that front.

But unfortunately I can't get my hands on one locally to try out. I am wondering what people might think of the F3 + the 6x DW-4 waistlevel finder combination. How usable is it? Is the whole viewing area magnified? Is it good for non-macro uses as well. If I go with the F3 - I'll get MLU and a 6x finder and lose spot metering and some flash capabilities of my N90s.

Any opinions on the usability of this combination.


PS: In terms of magnification, I find I shoot mostly at or below 1:2 - just beyond life size.