wow, didn't expect so many responses!! this cool!! what i have been playing with lately is this: focusing on or two flowers and deliberately throwing the rest out of focus. it might be just me, but i feel it adds dimension to the whole thing. kinda makes it stand out more than your average macro work. either that or i am just plain crazy don't know what the heck i talkin bout!! right now i am merely doing what i tend to call 'practice runs', playing with depth of field and settings to get different looks and then writing down some comments, based on any visuals i encounter. i am getting just the orchids in the picture, not the stalk or the leaves, just the flowers of the orchids themselves. by the way, the lens i am using is basically the only real lens i can do this with, a 135 nikkor. i have a 210 schneider, but i am getting the same replies....use a 100mm or something like that. well...don't have one, so next avail will have to do i guess. i just received my 6" extension rail today, so am currently playing with it as well, what a difference! anyway, getting late...have to go bed now...have to work tomorrow!! :-) night all! keep me really helps to read em!