Thanks for the tip - I sent an e-mail to the UK addy provided. I mainly shoot Ilford, but like others, I need colour sometimes - and my experiments with Acros suggest it will probably be a permanent part of my "arsenal".

I can not believe the negativity of some people, and also the utter delusion still present with some. We have to speak out. Did it ever occur to the detractosr of this approach that perhaps the sales figures (which admittedly are the bottom line) could be influenced significantly by an interaction with communities such as this one? Perhaps a bright exec at Fuji might be inspired to see a way to make more money by the interaction of his customers - rather than simply dumping the baby with the bath water (like Kodak).

And one more thing: people are people. We all like a kind word, we all work a little harder when we feel appreciated. If nothing else, it can't do any harm.