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I hope someone can help me out. We have every spring Orchid show in town.Three years ago I made a flash unit from one way cameras and Manfrotto #033 flash holder with good success. With low level of light they provide, you can get very close without blowing out the colors. That was with 35mm Canon equipment. I would like to use my 4X5 camera. I have Toyo45 and Graflex 4X5. Would one of this cameras be OK to use. I don't have macro lenses. I do have 90;135;150;180;210;240.250 and 270 for my 4X5's. How much bellows do I need with this kind of images?

Thanks in advance Greg
The magic formula you need is rear node-to-film distance = f*(1 +m). f = lens' focal length, m = magnification, and for most LF lenses the rear node isn't far from the diaphragm.

Either camera will work well if you're shooting straight ahead. The Toyo probably offers more flexibility.

Which lens to use? Can't answer with the limited information you've provided. What have you got (make & model as well as focal length)? What magnification do you want to shoot at?

About exposure. GN arithmetic will give you the effective aperture you want. GN/(flash-to-subject distance) is it. The GN of two identical flashes = sqrt(2)*a single flash's GN. To convert effective aperture to the aperture setting to use, aperture set = effective aperture/(1 + lens' pupillary magnification*m). For most LF lenses, pupillary magnification = 1.