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Looking forward to your photos and stories.
Hello Gabe, All,

I am just now back home and already envious to hear of those still to go!

I have had some wonderful help and suggestions from people on this board as well as support while the going was rough. Through all of my travels, I never kept-up with a thread like this and I have to say that it has been one of the better resources I have had. When you're ready to go, let me know and I can add some of my impressions to those that have helped me. That goes for all others.

I ended up covering a lot of territory... over 1,000 miles on the little rent a car.... shot over 40 rolls of film... and drank a lot of fine beer and single malts in the downtime. There was a lot of the latter as the weather was less than perfect. I always seem to choose questionable times for my visits, but that is pretty much by design. Although I love a sunny and calm day, there isn't the sort of drama in them that I seek. I've had the same experience in Iceland several times where 90% of my time was spent eating bags of pretzels in my car while watching the rain come at me horizontally and hard. The other 10% spent blissfully and feverishly working in places scouted while unable to work. It is becoming a common experience for me and I am getting used to relaxing while not shooting. Nothing like traveling 4,000 miles to sit in a car watching it rain!

Also took several long walks that were as rewarding as they were drenching. All the rain gear in the world wasn’t going to keep me dry and I just resigned to being wet and took more trouble in keeping my gear dry. After all, I made sure I had a nice hotel pub in which to warm my bones by means of coal fires, malts and beers each night. I’m not a huge drinker, but I know what I like and it was all there with only a climb up the stairs to my bed. And I pretty much had the places to myself aside from locals who all were very kind and went out of their way to make me feel at home. I can’t think of a better place to visit as a photographer traveling alone. Although I have to admit to feeling a little bit an outsider explaining to fisherman in the pub in Ullapool who had just come from many hours of back-breaking work on the sea that I made my living running around places taking pictures. Boy… did I feel like a lightweight.

Anyway… it was a great trip and I am spending the day running film and proofing. Hopefully my memories of all the things I photographed will match my film. I’ll post a few if they do.

Thanks again to all who helped. I love your favorite places and was happy to discover many of my own as well.


PS. Can anyone over there explain the crazy obsession with Celebrity Big Brother?