As to the question of the client telling you what they want, that is a decision that you make before you agree to photograph them. Personally I, and it seems Cheryl, don't photograph people who tell us what they want. We have a certain "style" to our work and if someone wants something different that I don't feel like doing I would tell them to look elsewhere. It's never happened though.

Sorry, it happened once that some dear soul wanted me to take a picture of their child with wings on. You know those insipid looking "angel pictures". So I said you mean wings like on a chicken, why would you want your child to look like a chicken. Anyway I sent her to the mall.

What I have contemplated doing lately is to have a client come in, photograph them, not show proofs, just produce one print in whatever size that I like and that is that. Here it is. $5000.

Reminiscent of paintings. They didn't show proofs, and say do you like this one, how about this one. They just did the portrait and that was it. Take it or leave it.

Actually, I kind of do that now. When they come to see the proofs, I usually have a 16x20 or 20x24 that I like, already done. They usually buy it. But it would be fun to not show proofs.

Just ranting...............

Michael McBlane