Like Johnnywalker said. A beautiful country with many warm and friendly people.

I did the same route except in the opposite direction: Lima, Pisco, Ica, Nazca, Arequipa (colca canyon which i didn't see but i hear is good...and condors too), Puno, Lago Titicaca, Cusco (sacred valley and machu pichu), Lima. Three weeks. Lots of film. Amazing!

My experiences were more enjoyable the farther from the beaten path I went. Big cities like cusco, arequipa and lima are nice but the true colors and richness of the country were found in the places where the number of people speaking english was low, and spanish, quechua and other dialects were the standard. Of course getting off the beaten path can be done in the largest cities too.

When I go back I want to go to the north in the jungles and into columbia and ecuador.