Most my photographic revenues these days come through Lifestyle shots, People doing stuff happily within the environment my client is representing. I'm told "we need 14 shots at these locations with this geographically dictated type of people" sometimes they send art directers and people associated with the project and require some approval on concepts and props but for the most part I am left on my own especially during the actual execution of the images. I don't mind hearing imput or suggestion from all that are involved. To me it's part of the process. You've got to figure, by the time you shoot you've done 90% percent of the work focused on the objective and someone standing on the outside can see clearly and objectively something that may be a better answer.I can't think of an easier way to get credit for doing a great job! I even expect my assistants to pull me aside when they see something and make sure I hear it. BUT when it's all said and done it's my final word that flies, Yes thats a good idea run with it or no lets stick with the plan. To me these images are cartoons, cartoons are supposed to be funny half of funny is fun which is what it should be for everyone involved including me. My artwork is more srictly controlled by my concept yet I can't think of better way to integrate my subjects into my images than to listen to their interpretation of my concept. This way I know their focused on my image while i'm focusing my camera. It's so much easier!.