OK, so here is more of what I was thinking. Like the rest of you my clients know what I am up to and don't really come and ask me to take color portraits on canvas, or strap on chicken wings. I only do 50 or so commissions a year so I am not in a high volume studio chasing kids around with my camera. I think Ralph Gibson said it best when he said "I am not interested in selling cat s**t to dogs."

What I am talking about has to do with me finding my groove, that part of my work that flows with out my thinking about it getting it the way. I sometimes have a hard time finding that groove when I am doing a commission. I find myself doing a sort standard iinterpitationt hat I know will work and will be beautiful but lacks that feeling or voice i see in my best work. I see portrait photography as a collaboration between the sitter and myself so I accept thier roll in the making of it, I don't have issues about the control of the photography part.

I do sometimes have issues when it comes to choosing which image to print and the size and presentation of it. I have to accept that it is thier money and they should have a say in the final piece. I have though about doing what one of you suggested about making my choice and making it he only one available for 5000.00. Sounds great but I think they want to continue the collaboration and my clients pockets are not that deep. When it comes to pricing I have always tought that all the print sizes should be the same price, but that is a hard one to sell as well.

The gallery thing is like most of you. I have a need to interact with people as they experience my work. When my work goes home with someone to thier house, thier friends and family see it but I don't get the emotional hit because I am not there. I also find that the portrait shows I see in most galleries are celebrity portraits, which do not interest me. I want to know that my portraits transend the beyond people who know who are in them.

Ray Bidegain