Hi Ray:

It sounds like you are like the rest of us that are going through phases and questioning the way we work and do business.

By the way I lived in Portland for a year and while there I worked at Pro Photo. I talk to Doug once in a while.

When I had my studio in Canada I got tired of the corner I painted myself into photographically and sold it after 10 years. I was in a rut and needed to re-evaluate. I have done that a few times in the 29 years I've been doing this.

I have also contemplated, like I mentioned before, the concept of no proofs, but here is your portrait, take it or leave it. I 've also contemplated the idea of a 4x5 framed in a miniature method costing the same as a 20x24. I've contemplated why we price by the square inch. Why not price by the image. The more I like it the more it costs.

I have already instituted that all pricing includes the frame, usually of my choice. I have been working on a concept of miniatures, contact printed 4x5 one and only for X number of dollars.

I just think that we all go through these phases when we re-examine our business and sometimes make changes and sometimes we don't. When I am in a rut sometimes I take a workshop and that helps, sometimes I just get drunk. Whatever.

As for the gallery thing, I just have never been bitten by the bug to need that kind of headache or adoration from gallery prowlers. I like the complements as much as the next person but it doesn't make me want to search it out. I display my pictures in beauty salons, fat farms, dentist offices vet clinics and a couple of other places. That is gallery enough for me.

Anyway nice to see your participation in the site,

Michael McBlane