As in the last thread I think we cam get bogged down with examples.

To use an anology.

If you don't speak English, you couldn't be Shakespeare. You must first learn the language, the rules of the language, the nuances of the language then you can begin to speak it. You may only progress to be able to say a limerick or two or you may go all the way to being Shakespeare.

To play the piano you need to know some basics. You can't write a song without that knowledge. You can't play a song without that knowledge. Even if self taught, play by ear, whatever the basic knowledge needs to be there. If you want to play chopsticks or Jazz, or Chopin or Billy Joel.

You can't be a dancer until you know how to walk. First you crawl, then walk then move with some rhythm then you dance. Maybe like your brother in law or maybe like Fred Astaire.

In my opinion without the language, which is the craft of the medium, you can't go far. You will be an unfulfilled talent.

Just my over expressed opinion.

Michael McBlane