It is heart rending to hear a musician who exhibits abilities but who lacks technical skills. It is equally uncomfortable to sit through a recital by persons who have acquired the technical abilities but who lack the internal fire and emotion. One can be taught the other cannot. It is sort of like the parable of the talents: use them. Improve on them or loose. I see a direct parallel to photography.

Since retirement from the world of engineering research, I have fallen back on an old love – music. Now I am a semi-professional singer (tenor). Semi- means that I often volunteer as needed in certain situations. The point is: I have heard musicians, of all ages, perform. Many have excellent technical ability but lack the ability to give the listener an emotional response. Their music remains technically perfect but there is no heart or soul. Then there are some who intimate capabilities but who are untrained. Some of these will go forward to obtain the training and will become well founded musicians. I notice this in many jazz (read: music other than “classical”) musicians. You wish, hope, they will study but many will not. I am probably a good example of the latter. Ignoring two music scholarships. I chose engineering as a career. Regrets? No. Well, maybe, but I do eat regularly and well. 

I “hear” music in most photographs and in all “good” ones.