If you don't mind the drive, look into some options around good ol' B'more (Balmer, Baltimore etc). There are several very good programs in that area, offered as continuing ed classes. Pricewise, they start with Maryland Institute, College of Art at the top of the tree... then work their way down to places like Towson State, Loyola, and even little Villa Julie college has something. Points north of 695 I think also have things - Harford Community College if I'm not mistaken. You're more likely to get what you're looking for quality-wise in Baltimore City itself though. Back when I was taking classes there, some modern masters of photography were working at the various schools around the area. I think unfortunately most of the ones I know have migrated to Maryland Institute (unfortunately for the price, not for the students or the institution). I don't know if he'll ever offer a continuing ed class, or if he will ever do any private workshops, but if you do study at Maryland Institute and use their darkrooms, you'll probably run into Tom Baird, who is a genius printer and photographer, and a wonderful instructor to boot. He's a wiry old goat of a man, cut his teeth with the F64 crowd, is good friends with Ruth Bernhard, and he's always willing to give advice around the MICA darkroom, even if you're NOT his student.