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Tomorrow morning, I'm sending off a recently acquired Retina IIa to Flutot's Camera Repair for a shutter and rangefinder CLA. Since she's getting all cleaned up, I though it was time for a new wardrobe, so I ordered some new skin from cameraleather.com. I've done a couple of Nikon FM's with their kits and they're really top notch. Anyway, I'm having them make the front door skin in the "Four Petals" cut. My color and material choice is the Indian Red Kid Skin (Goat), seen here on a Leica. This should look real sweet on the Retina! I'll have to get one of Gordy's wrist straps for this one.

The waiting is going to be a killer...
Nice touch, to put your APUG mug in the background...maybe you could have the logo custom printed on the leather as well? Imagine, exclusive APUG-styled cameras!

Funny as it is, we are always looking for what they call on the website "the glazed paper that is often mistaken for the real thing". The paper is much thinner than leather and it's virtually impossible to find a replacement - which we need in large quantities as there are always cameras in repair. We found something that looks like the original 'leatherette' used on the Optika from a Viennese paper dealer who was selling off old stock, but it's still not quite the same.

How long is that you have to wait anyway? How are you going to hold out?
What will you do?