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Hey!!! New Jersey is more than exits on the Turnpike (or Parkway). Just take a look at Daniel Lawton's photos.
As I wrote to our friends in our end-of-2005 letter, "Last year and this we traveled relatively little. No trips abroad of any kind, let alone to collect fish. No excursions to the west coast. <snip> Many of our recent excursions have been to take pictures in the wilds of New Jersey. For those of you who know only the densely populated and very ugly northeastern corner of the state, there's more to New Jersey than garbage dumps, chemical plants, what passes for gentrification, and slums. The Pine Barrens, in particular, are a wonderful place to visit. Pat and I have never discussed whether not traveling far makes her feel deprived. It does me, a little, but there are worse punishments than having to learn our area better."

I don't need to look at other peoples' pictures to know where I live. I don't even have to look at my own lousy pictures ...



The exits stay where they are, the abrasion is infectious.