When I get together with a model for the first time, I run at least one test roll.

I always get the model to sit (or stand) in one position, with a fairly neutral expression. I then start a series of shots at full profile and then take 7 frames working around to the other side profile. I do this at above head height, at head height, and, just below head height.

Printing a set of contacts, then shows the model where the best and sometimes worst angles are, for their face. They can see that you are trying to help them get the best image of themselves and will help with discussions of where to go from there.

With your situation I would agree 100% with David and Michael, but would add, perhaps a shallower depth of field, may also be benificial.

In this situation, I go from my standard 85mm to the 105mm and maximum of f5.6, often f4. This is in 35mm format.