I've finally got a darkroom up and running for the first time in 5 years. In my previous darkroom I had a simple condensor with under the lens MG filters.
I managed to get hold of a couple of Durst Mod70 enlargers with the colour heads plus and old L1000 that I'm fixing up.

Last night I tried printing for the first time with the Mod70. I was under the impression that MG paper printed at a default grade (is it G2?) with no filters. So I tried a print with the colour box switched out and the exposure times were much faster than what I was used to e.g. 4 seconds for an 8x10 from a 6x6 neg. Much too fast for me. I then tried turning the lamp down but still not much luck. I then switched in the filters and adjusted them for a grade 2 and the times dropped to a manageable 9 to 12 seconds. Again I thought that with direct light MG printed at approximately grade 2 so are the filters (using Y and M) also acting as a type of ND filter? It looks as though it's going to take me a while to calibrate the filters to my purpose. Is is worth setting up the other enlarger with below the lens filters and adjusting the colour filtration to match these results or should I just do what I used to do and go with what looks right?