Whoo .. did this get complicated. Ansel went to his kitchen with a newly made, wet print. He tore the print in two .. saying it was too large to fit in the microwave .. placed it in the oven, set the thing off (one minute on "high" .. or something like that), took it out, said that it "looked good", and returned to his darkroom to make another, final print.

Adams was a "fine" printer -- I have absolutely *no* doubt about that, but I have to wonder if he was so super-methodical as some people imagine him to be.

There is one sequence where he exposes film in a polaroid back, neglecting to remove the lens cap. He pulled the print, waited, stripped it... and found a completely black image. "Well", he said, "This is an example of Zone X"...

Interesting tape ... Georgia O'Keeffe provides some of the narrative.