As I recall, in Adams' book The Print he addresses the dry down effect. This was related as based upon his experience of relying on his assessment of a number of prints that he printed one evening. He left them to dry overnight thinking they were properly printed. He found the values depressed in the morning after they had dried.

I imagine that this was a lesson that he remembered, certainly had remembered to include it in his text. I would think that he was fairly methodical in his efforts. Certainly was methodical about his "emergence factor" as an attempt to achieve similar printing results in consideration of developer temp fluctuations and depletion. Did these experiences make him more methodical? Who knows...he certainly is not present to say one way or the other.

Based on Ed's recounting of the non-exposure of the Polaroid material Ansel certainly appears to be not consistant since that would have been Zone 0 rather then Zone X.