Well, I had to work Saturday, but we knocked off at lunch time so we left for the Chattsworth area to find Mill Creek Falls and log some GPS coords for the area. We also found the parking area to get to Panther Creek Falls and logged that but its a good six mile hike over some difficult terrain. My wife is not capable of handling that so I'm going to need another hiking companion to make it to that one. You really do need to have company for this hike because this is bear and wild hog country and an extra set of eyes is a very good idea.

Mill Creek Falls is more a steep sloping run over most of it and not easy to get a good shot of. We were fortunate to arrive when the light was really good and I got off a half dozen shots before the direct light faded. I will probably go to the dungeon and torture the film tomorrow so I may have something to show for it in a few days.