I certainly hope that some of you will take advantage of one or more of the Formulary workshops. The facilities are truly outstanding, and as Aggie mentioned, Bud and Lynn, who own and operate the Formulary, are really great people, plus the setting, surrounded by high mountains on all sides, is close to idyllic. And the opportunity to spend a week in this unique and beautiful setting interacting with highly motivated persons interested in advancing the craft is truly unique.


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This summer there is quite a few apug members teaching various classes at Photographers Formulary.

June 11-16

Sandy King
Carbon, Kallitype, Van Dyke, and Palladium

Les McLean
Seeing and making the fine B&W print

June 18-23

Ron Mowrey (photoengineer)
Emulsion making and coating
(learn to make your won film)

June 25-30

Agnes Weessies (Aggie)
Traditional enlarged Negatives
(ok this is a shameless plug for non PS enlarged negs)

July 2-7

Bruce Barnbaum
Seeing planning and printing the fine photograph

July 23-28

Kerik Kouklis
Gum Platinum printing

You can get to Photographers Formulary by clicking on their sponsors button. Lynn and Bud are great people.