I agree that this is an excellent little lens. It's somewhat heavy -- much heavier than the Cosina Voigtlander offerings, which seems to hint at brass and steel construction.

Optically, it's really a sweet lens. If you can live with the f/2.8 max aperture, it's a good lens. You will get some barrel distortion in closeups, so it wouldn't be the first choice in shooting doorways and windows.

The body is nothing special -- as mentioned, a rebadged Bessa-R2.

The lens decouples from the lens at about 0.8 meters, while the lens focuses to 0.7 meters. However, when the lens is mounted on the new Zeiss Ikon, you can focus through the lens's full range (infinity to 0.7 meters).

I've always been very pleased with the results from this lens. When mounted to the Zeiss Ikon, I find it to be somewhat smoother to focus and makes for a more compact package than the Carl Zeiss lenses.

As noted, color rendition is quite good. I have some photos samples, if you're curious. Just drop me a note.