I make four negatives of the same scene exposed differently and developed differently. One of the negatives being exposed and developed as I always do and the others follow a procedure described by Michael Smith in the forum. I visually compare all 4 negatives on the lightbox before contact printing them on AZO. In all cases, the most dense of the four (that is, the one that appears the darkest on the lightbox, and yet also appears to have the greatest amount of highlight and shadow detail) is the one which prints out the best (and easiest?) on AZO. This negative turns out to be the one which I gave 1 to 2 stops more than my metering would suggest and 20 per cent more development time. It took a lot of faith for me to try this procedure as I was afraid to overexpose the negative. No such luck. Plus, the film I use is Efke PL100 which I believe handles such extra exposure and development well.