Back home in my darkroom are both of the Bergger Test Packs, eight different papers to play with. In addition to what I have from before...

Since I like playing and experimenting, I'll try them in two different developers. Since I also like to have a vague idea of what I'm doing, I'll try them in two familiar developers: Ansco 130 at full strength, and Gevaert G262 at 1:6.

So that's one hydroquinone-based warmtone soft developer, and a Glycin/Metol neutral-tone normal-contrast developer.

All developers are really rather similar, except possibly lith developers. Those, on the other hand, bear a strong relationship to dilute G262... The main difference is in the sulfite level and alkalinity; and all lith developers are hydroquinone only.

Which makes me wonder is it shouldn't be possible to substitute pyrocatechol for hydroquinone - another thing to try?