The formula that I have for Ansco 130 is as follows:

Metol--2 G Sodium Sulfite--35 G Sodium Carbonate--78 G
Glycin--11 G Water to make 1000ml

The Darkroom Cookbook disagrees somewhat:
Metol--2.2G; Sodium Sulfite--50G; Hydroquione--11G; Sodium Carb (Mono) 78 G; Potassium Bromide--5.5 G; Glycin 11 G. Water to 1Ltr

The formula that I have for Dektol is as follows:

Metol--3.1 G Sodium Sulfite--45 G Hydroquinone--12.0 G
Sodium Carbonate--67.5 G Potassium Bromide--1.9 G
Water to make 1000ml

Cookbook: D-72 (similar to Dektol)
Initially they are the same except where your formula calls for 67.5G Sodium carb, the cookbook calls for 80 G (Mono). This may be a conversion from Anhy > Mono.

Are my formulas in error?

I don't know.