Jdef, I too do not understand the densitometric qualities of this procedure but it does show some interesting results and matches the longer scale of AZO well. Have you checked this thread from the AZO Forum - www.michaelandpaula.com/mp/startframe.html? The discussion here is about density and is quite in depth. I use Pyrocat HD 2:2:100 and this I think is an important factor to consider. Other used ABC Pyro. You are right when you say that shadows are moved up (e.g. Zone IV instead of II). And you are also right when you say highlight are moved up too (e.g. Zone XII instead of VIII). What is clear is the difference between these negatives and those I expose as I normally do. The latter do not print so well in AZO, which is really the reason for making such negatives. Let me know what you think of that thread in the AZO forum because maybe you can explain it better to me.