When I worked at our local lab, we purchased a new Noritsu 2920 RA-4 printing machine, it is an optical/digital exposure system for printing on traditional RA-4 papers, the machine accepts APS, 35mm and Medium format films, both negative and positive, in addition to input from many different digital sources, it was very expensive about $180K at that time, we could have purchased an optional LED fiber optic system that would have ran to our darkroom enlarger with a computerized head, that would take an exposure from the machine and route it to the head on the enlarger via fiber optic cable, allowing us to make bigger prints than the machine itself could do(12x18) which would have provided exposure on papers up to 20x24, which would have been processed in the Hope RA-4 processer we had. The cost for the optional enlarger head system was almost $75K, bringin the cost of the whole system in the 1/4 million dollar area!!! We did not purchase the option enlarger head upgrade. So to see the option be condensed into a enlarger head size with the capabilities to take digital media does not surprise me.