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This is why I rarely subscribe to photo magazines and never for long subscription periods if I do. I trust View Camera and Lens Work to be around, so I subscribe. I would like to subscribe to B&W (the US mag) and Black and White Photography (UK), but I don't trust them to be around a year from the time I subscribe. So I read the UK mag at Borders but rarely buy it and usually buy B&W but do skip some issues.
Isn't this why they go out of publication? I can't subscribe to View Camera because I am outside the US but have a standing order with Robert White in UK for every issue. Sometimes I get more out of it than others but if nobody buys it then I won't get anything from it. B&W mag (UK) is an excellent publication and in my opinion will stick around for quite a while. Ailsa ( the editor) is also an APUG'er and in my eyes is doing a sterling job.
Its getting harder and harder to get good mags so I try and keep the existing ones alive
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However, I am still planning to subscribe to Aggie's effort. I think becuase of the affiliation with APUG and the people invlolved I think it has a better chance at success.
I look forward to any quality addition to the Analogue fold and will also subscribe to the mag as well.