I've been hired a couple of times to do conference photography. There were two photographers before me, and I'm modeling my work off of the one the client liked. 1 charged about $1,000 for 3 hours and delivered a disc with the digital 'negatives' on them. The other charged $200 for 2hrs work, delivered prints and disc (about 40 shots total). I believe both worked in digital.

I'm working in film, and on the first confrence I shot about 8rolls over 3 days (because I was enjoying the conference and because not all participants were there at any one time). I charged $200 for about 60 prints, i think. I delivered all the negatives.

What's normal for this? Digital photogs deliver only the creme, since they delete all the others. Do film photogs cut the bad ones out? I have 5 rolls, and plan to deliver about 40 shots (I'm over doing it because I'm neither used to flash, nor color work). I'll be delivering the 40 prints, and scan them in for the client.

Any advice?