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What's normal for this? Digital photogs deliver only the creme, since they delete all the others. Do film photogs cut the bad ones out? I have 5 rolls, and plan to deliver about 40 shots (I'm over doing it because I'm neither used to flash, nor color work). I'll be delivering the 40 prints, and scan them in for the client.
I'm the editor of a journal published by a professional society. The contractor who organizes our annual conference hires a photographer; I supervise him and collect the product of his work for the magazine. Because of the wierd contracting arrangement, I can't tell you what the photographer is paid (but I'm sure it's the going rate for the city where the conference is being held.)

But I can tell you that the photographer delivers all of the work he produces. If he does any editing at all, it's in-camera on the fly. At the end of each day of the conference, I collect a CD from him containing the images from that day. And on a good day, may 5% are useful, the rest are trashed.