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There was no shutter on that straight tube Omega
I picked up as surplus in 1958 or 9. I think it was
war surplus; olive drab IIRC. Don't happen to
recall what model it might have been?

I didn't think to mention cold vs warm start tubes. I'd
guess 5/8 inch the size the OP needed. Three thousand
Kelvin. That's lower than expected. Dan
hi dan -

that's kind of weird.

maybe there are an older e3s than the one you picked up ... ?

when i bought my e4 a few years ago, i had a choice between the older e3 and the e4, i ended up staying away from the e3 because the shutter mechanism was incomplete or missing --- i learned this through conversations with harry taylor at classicenlargers ( and the folks that sold me the enlarger ) ...

there is info at http://classicenlargers.com >> help forum
if you just type in E-3 you won't get much, but if you go back 360 ( or more ) days you will get info on E-3s.

good luck!