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...film magazine coming from a 500 c. The camera seems to work smoothly and fine, but the frame spacing is rather odd, randomly variing from 4 mm to 6 mm. All the frames are pretty usable, but I wanted to know if this behavior is normal or is a sing of incoming problems (I've been given a 3 mounts guarantee).
While there is a distinct possibility that the magazine should be adjusted / repaired, the first thing I would do it to make sure that the film is held by the "tab" on the right side of the magazine insert (open when the latch is in the locked position; and closed, and holding the film), when the insert is ready to be placed into the magazine body.

The most common error I make in loading the magazine is to have the film over this tab .. and will result in uneven and excessive frame spacing.

I *LOVE* my 'Blads, but loading film in the magazine is not the most fun in the world. I know more than one serious 'Blad user who will entrust nearly everything in the studio to an Assistant - except - they will ALWAYS load their own magazines.