As a newbie to this forum, thereís nothing quite like starting a new thread with your first post. Having signed up a few weeks ago, I spent awhile leafing through old threads that looked interesting. Great stuff on choice of enlargers, pros and cons etc. paper/film/dev choices etal. So much, that Iíve come to the conclusion that after 30yrs in the darkroom Iíve been doing most things all wrong! Hereís my dilemma, I have a Devere 203 with a Cathomag head (cold light), no transtab just a timer. This was bought in the halcyon days of graded paper ie: Agfa blue label Record Rapid, anyone remember that? When I made the change to VC, I fitted a set of below the lens filters, not the right thing to do, but Iíve made it work. Ignorance is bliss. Now Iím spending a lot more time in the darkroom and the cathomag is no longer flexible enough for what I need these days. My options are, a Mk2 Dichromat head or ideally an Ilford multigrade 500 system. Both I can source secondhand, at a price. I print a lot of lith from 35mm infra-red, and the cathomag is just to slow. Which would be the prefered option? The Dichro or the 500? I think I know the answer to this before asking it!