Is this Zone VI tripod the one that has a little string to prevent the legs from saying too much? If so I did not think that was a very good idea, how have you found out it works for you? I like the leg stops to be at the collar this way I am not guessing.

On the FAPS front one advantage you have is that Anthony is trying to build his business and he is very customer motivated (at least at the moment). On my recent trip to Houston I e mailed him from Mexico and ask him to build me a 12x20 negative box, and ship it to Houston, so the box would be waiting for me when I got there. He had 4 days to do this....and he got it done with no problem. This kind of response gave me a warm a fuzzy feeling, nothing like dealing with someone who wants your business and is going out of his way to please you.
He has been ranting and raving (meant in a good way Anthony..dont get your feathers in a ruffle) about tripods being too flimsy and light, so if you dont find his very sturdy and firm you certainly have grounds to return it. As a matter of fact his last news letter deals with this problem. e mail him and ask him to send you his electronic news letter, it is free and reminicent of the Zone VI done by Picker. h