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"I started out with a 200w bulb but moved on to a 60w bulb in order "

Everyone mentions using a bare bulb with Azo. I'm working in a community college darkroom. Is there any difference between bare bulds and contact printing using a condenser enlarger as the light source?
The major problem with using an enlarger for a light source to expose Azo is that the amount of light available may not be capable of producing short enough exposures. A great deal depends on the overall density of the negative. Azo by nature is a long scale paper. To utilize the full potential that the paper possesses this requires a negative that has a greater density range then a conventional negative suited for enlarging. This does lead to higher overall negative densities which in turn leads to lengthy exposure times. If I were going to use an enlarger for the light source I would remove the lens and lens board. I would bring the lamp house down to the point that the projected beam covered the printing frame or negative size and then expose under those conditions. This may be suitable to your demands and you may find that it isn't. It certainly would cost nothing to try.