I live just north of New Orleans...in fact, we'll be there today.

If you're going specifically to photograph the rebuilding or ruins left from Hurricane Katrina...be forewarned. There are those who are receptive to observers or 'onlookers' and those who are not. With family and friends all around us still dealing with what's been left behind, frustrations and tempers can flare. There is still a problem with theft ("looting") so I'd stay clear of areas that have yet to be populated.

There are now tour-buses that are taking those who wish to 'see' the devastation, to the specific spots that were hit hardest. That might be an option for you and whoever you are meeting there. If going it on your own...just a word of advice. Be respectful and be careful!!!

A Gallery of Fine Art is a place to visit if you're looking to 'view' fine art photography. Should you need film supplies of any kind (or access to a darkroom) while in the Crescent City, be sure to go to The Darkroom in New Orleans. They're great!

Most of all, enjoy your stay here in the Big Easy!!!!!