I find the J-series Ries tripods entirely adequate for 8x10 and much lighter than 19 pounds. Even works ok with my 7x17 Korona when hiking out far from my truck. The bigger and heavier A-series Ries is also wonderful for cameras at least up to 12x20 (I don't have anything bigger to try it on). I haven't seen these FAPS tripods but if they are really the same as the Zone VI units they are not at all in the same category for design, fit, and finish. If they're a lot cheaper, they may provide good value but if the price is anywhere near a Ries, then get the Ries. I do in fact use the larger tripod for 8x10 work when I'm just a few steps from the truck, but if 8x10 is your largest camera the lighter model will do just fine. The spikes on these tripods are reasonable, work find on concrete and rock surfaces, and as someone else pointed out, you can reverse the lower leg section to get the opposite rubber end on the ground. The switch takes just seconds on the small tripod. On the A-series it's mechanically a bit more complex and takes maybe two minutes to do. Seldom a problem.