On the other hand, these big tripods might be overkill for the original poster's 4x5" Super Graphic.

If I'm shooting 4x5" instead of 8x10", it's because I want to travel light, so I use an old Leitz Tiltall. You can find used Leitz or Marchioni Tiltalls in good working order for about the same price as the new one, but the older ones are better made. I did have to modify mine slightly to work with my 4x5", because the platform interfered with the rotating back and drop bed of my camera, but these may or may not be issues with your camera (I sliced off two pieces of the platform, front and back, so now instead of a circle, it's like a rectangle with two straight sides and two sides that bulge).

I used to have a Bogen 3030 head, like you, and I found the QR system to be wobbly and I thought the platform sat too high on too thin a support. For the larger cameras and long tele work with smaller formats, I switched to a Gitzo G1570M head (magnesium alloy, low-profile, 3-way pan head), and I quite like it--excellent support but light weight, and available at a good price from www.robertwhite.co.uk. For 4x5", you might consider one of the smaller versions of the same head.