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In any case, what I've been thinking about is *2* of the BL-B spirals (about $25 plus shipping for a pair) mounted in a pair of $7 reflector clamp lights, which would be stapled in place on a board or similar mount to give them a fixed location. I think two such lamps would let me get even enough light to print 8x10, and I don't have other equipment to support even that size yet -- a single would probably work for 5x7 and smaller.
For what it's worth, after a suggestion from Sandy King, I've been using a single spiral BLB (Feit Electric -- I bought mine from topbulb.com) in a reflector clamp light to make my Van Dyke Brown prints (6x9"). It works well -- exposure time is about 8 minutes with my digital negs, at a distance of something like 40-50 cm.