You are right, David Goldfarb, this thread has broadened beyond the scope of the original post.

For a step up to a sturdier tripod with a 4x5 with no intention of using the tripod for a larger camera in the future, and keeping in mind that the tripod is not doubling as a hiking tripod, I would personally choose the Ries J100-2 at 11 pounds, or the J-100 at 8 pounds. The J100-2 is not only more than heavy enough, it is bottom heavy, as if it had built-in sand bags. It holds the camera solid.

The Ries two-way tilt heads are a pleasure to use with a view camera. Further, they are made to endure, and are absolutley solid, positive, and reliable. Other setups will probably work great, too; however, I can wholeheartedly recommend Ries.