Thom ...

I recognized the name immediately. I am one of those who misses - sorely - Camera and Darkroom. Of all the magazines that have come and gone, since, I think the one most remembered and still thought of - highly - is C&D... without question.

A year or two ago, I survived a flood (12" of rain within 14 hours) and all my files of C&D were soaked. I had lines all over my cellar, with issues of C&D drying on them. I lost a lot of photographic paper, materials, my enlarger baseboard went under water and had to be replaced, my Olympus OM-4 with five lenses and sundry accessories ... all together that flood cost well over $3,000. I managed to save what I considered to be the MOST important of all - the dried issues of C&D.

What I considered to be of greatest interest was the in-depth interviews of "significant" photographers ... discovering their thought processes and "modus operandi"; their approaches to their work... There was an extraordinary wealth of information in that magazine.

You may have noticed that Aggie is in the process of starting a new magazine -- Many of us had suggested the name "Camera and Darkroom" or some sort of "progression from there - "C&D II".

It is great to hear from you. This may be a little late ... some of us had the wind knocked out of us when we received that last issue and discovered that it was the last issue... but you did a WONDERFUL job. I don't think you were still editor when C&D ended .. were you? I seem to remember another bright light (I have no idea of you relationship ..) Ana Jones.., Everyone there was SO great, whenever they were there.

Anway... Welcome!! At times, APUG seems to have the same "flavor" that made C&D so great ... some of the philosophical discussions remind me a LOT of A. D. Coleman - I'm still re-reading some of what he wrote, trying to figure it out.