For what it is worth, I recently got a super Ikonta 532/16. I have only shot a couple rolls through it, but here is my impression. This is a very well built, tank of a camera. It is not big, but is no light weight. Everything about is top notch.When it opens the lens board is dead on parallel with the film plane- a common weakness with folders. The film advance is smooth and positive. The ergonomics are great. The way to focus and hold the camera leads to good form, meaning it is stable. I find it very easy to cock the shutter with it up to my eye. The lens on mine, 2.8 tessar, while uncoated, seems to be very sharp and contrasty, and not near as flair prone as one might expect. I intentionally took shots in harsh, glary light, shooting into the sun, and was really expecting much worse.A shade is in order, but I use a shade on all my lenses.
My only quibble, and it is a small one, is that you only get 11 frames. I suppose that is worth the trade off for having a reliable mechanism.
These are not cheap cameras, but you get what you pay for.