Hey everyone,
Well today was my first day in New Orleans and it was shocking. I met up with fellow apug sam portera who took us to the 9th Ward. Absolutely terrifying. I can't believe this is the USA. Unbelievable.

No photograph, mine or someone elses, could ever convey the sadness and sheer destruction that took place here. The sights in the 9th ward are simply unbelievable.

Homes moved in the streets or onto other houses or onto other cars. Cars flipped over. Washing machines in trees. Clothing everywhere. Shoes everywhere. Childrens toys everywhere.

Fortunately, the smell is gone but the mud/muck that is everywhere is incredibly slick and is filled with who-knows-what? The knee high rubber boots I bought have come in handy.

I could go on and on put will save that for another day.

More later.