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When did you ever hear me make the statement about snobs? Are you Trying to get a disagreement going where we will all come out mad...

Please in the future if you respond to my message, don't be so crass as to assume you can put words in my mouth, I spoke of brand/name identification, never once did I say anything about anybody being a snob, you run into the same problem with other gear as well, I can't tell you the number of times I have been told my $8000.00 Minolta 600mm f/4 lens is junk when I am standing next to a Canon or a Nikon shooter, but my sales figures on stock, magazine as well as gallery images will prove them wrong every single time, I sell just as many images as the next guy..and this with a lens that has been called junk!

So don't presume, assume or even think you have the right to put words in my mouth.

Now if you want to, we can in private get into a pissing match about what I think constitutes a photography snob, not that it would solve anything, but at least we would not be boring the rest of the membership with our rhetoric..

Hi Dave,

I just read your post quoted above. As should be clear in the post you were responding to, I was talking about something that Paul said, and thus not you.