Seems my original post was taken way beyond what I had stated. When David asked for 'advice or suggestions' on coming to New Orleans to photograph the destruction of the area...I did just that. Advised and suggested. Not realizing he was meeting up with anyone here, just thought I'd pass on what I know is bothersome to my friends and family in the affected areas (and me too!!). If you all think the 9th Ward is bad, you ought to see the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It's beyond sad!! It's still all so unbelievable at times.

Sam, as for meeting you...we've exhibited at NOMA on a few occasions for 'Underexposed' these last few years. I'm trying to remember when I met you as I was so fortunate to meet many other photographers and visitors/spectators there. Unfortunately, one year I was unable to attend, so my husband and daughter were there in my place with my work. These days I'm usually in New Orleans at least once a week, if not more. I thank you for your compliment on my work.

Hoping you all have an enjoyable visit there and that you didn't get too beat up by last nights weather. Stay safe on your journey to Lakeview!!