Yes, if you get the magazine from Robert White you are a subscriber. We furnish them with the necessary info every issue.

Please read the info at the bottom of the magazine's Table of Contents page (both magazines). I know the info was on the Dec03/Jan 04 issue of CA and the Nov/Dec 03 issue of VC.

There is a further explanation in the Publisher's Statement in the Dec 03/Jan 04 issue of CameraArts and the same will appear in the Jan/Feb 04 VC.

Once more

You need a Usr ID and a password. For VC the USER ID is always VCSUB (in caps). Then there is a six digit number after VCSUB on the label. We use birthdates so the first number is always a 0 or a 1. Remember, six digits, not five and not smewhere else on the label. This number changes every issue.

For CA the User ID is CASUB - in caps. The password is a six digita number, also a birthdate, after the CASUB on the label. Not five letters, not five numbers. This also changes every issue.

The content on the web is supplemental to the magazine. For example, there is more of Barry Haynes article on Photoshop CS on the web. There is more about the new program Paint Shop Pro on the web - a how -to type example. There is a portfolio of Susan Abrams on the web as well (the hand made paper article). From the Nov/Dec 03 VC there is more of Kerry Thalmann's article on 6x12. We will add more to the web secvtion from the Jan/Feb 04 issue.

The format for the supplemental material is PDF. If you do not have Acrobat on your computer you can download it from our site. You can then download the extra material, print it out, and stick it in each issue so it will be available as ;long as you have the issue.

Happy New year

steve simmons