I didn't say it was going to be pretty! actually I only worked abut 6 hours on it saturday, and as soon as the coffee kicks in, I'll go back at it today. At one time I had a B+J 8x10 Commerical (technically I still own it, if I can find the person that borrowed it, 3 lenses (165 angulon, 305 Caltar/ilex and a 355 G-claron), my 4x5 with a 180 Sironar-N, all my light meters, etc. Some friend, huh?) Some of the design of the B+J is clever, not elegant, but clever in a 'let's make lots of cameras cheap" way. the standards are dirt simple. On my camera, I'm just going with geared back focus, front focus is get it close and lock it, so that makes it a little easier, I'm not going for super accurate, just a box with film at one end and lens at the other, mostly plywood and some 1" thick cherry I had left over from a project a few years ago. Hell, I'm not even T&G'ing the bed, butt joints, glue and screw. If it wasn't so cold, I'd probably machine most of the parts out of .125" aluminum on my CNC router, but it's in an unheated buiding and it might hit 30 today. I haven't CNC'd my mill yet, and I hate manual milling. I fugure by time I get a few hundred sheets pulled, I'll have designed a far better field camera in my head and then I'll take some time to build it.