So, I listened to Cheryl and went and played with an SQ-Ai on the way home. Couldn't play with a Hasselblad because it was locked in a display case with the Leicas - there's a lesson there somewhere. Anyway, I wrote down a few prices and am now in awe of the price differences, principally of the accessories like film backs, which are only 27,000 Yen compared with a kidney (over 3.3x Bronica) for a 'Blad A12. Yes, so new is a bad idea, but even second hand I presume the savings are in similar proportions. And lenses?! Like, wow. Sometimes I really wish I wasn't rational. I have loopy friends who'd have bought a 'blad by now and would be enjoying themselves with it, but oh no, I have to think it through. Bah!