I am currently preparing to convert my minimill to CNC. I sent out requests for quotes to 5 water jet cutting companies and the cost of having two sheets of brass parts cut out exceeded the costs of converting my milling machine. Not to mention that if I ever move a hole location or anything, there would be another programming charge. So, it makes sense to mill the parts from stacked sheets at home instead.

I am almost certainly going to use Xylotex driver and 269 oz./in. stepper motors with a CNCfusion set of ballscrews and mounts.

I envision stacking some blanks of sheet barass clamped onto a fixture, then drilling the holes for screws etc. then screwing through the holes into the fixture. At this point the clamps can be removed and the periphery cut.

I spent about 400 hours making all of the CAD drawings for the camera parts, so pretty much just have to add toolpaths to the existing drawings and start cutting once the conversion is done.

The nice thing about a CNC mill in the garage is that it will also cut the wood pieces making the cost of the kits I intend to sell very low.