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Well the problem was that my developer was too hot(110). I confirmed this yesterday evening. With the new developer this started happening. When I backed down to about 90 degrees it stopped. I was trying to make my own PO and it ended up in a mess. I am no chemist. Thought I could save some bucks but ended up throwing good money away for bad. I'll not do that again. I was happy to find out that Mike at Artcraft will really discount the price when you buy five or more pounds of the powdered PO. That was good news. Everything is working fine now with lowering the developer temp. Now the new problem........................Has anyone ever noticed flucuations in UV output with a bank of BLB tubes? Are they sensitive to voltage flucuations? Thanks for all the good info guys I really appreciate it!!!!
Mike, It is really easy to make it yourself. 2 lbs of Potassium Carbonate, 1.75 lbs of Oxalic Acid and some water. Add the Potassium Carb to 1/2 gal of water and stir. Then , slowly add the oxalic acid in a well ventilated space, and you should end up with a about a gallon after you top it up. Did it bubble up to fast? I use a 3 gallon container when I mix a gallon. Keeps it all inside the bucket.

Lights can vary in their output. If you have another wattage device on the circut, you may want to rearrange the plugs to better distribute the load. Poor grounding can also look like a voltage drop and cause your lights to flicker.